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With quite a few proactive BSM holders now posting and gathering...

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    With quite a few proactive BSM holders now posting and gathering info and insight from other graphite stock forums, I thought it worthy to mention the interesting debating going on at the moment on the KNL forum.

    One particular poster came across "an interesting announcement by MRC" and posted the link about MRC leading a successful grant application to develop a commercial-scale process for producing high purity graphite (>99.95%) in Australia:-

    Whilst there is the possibility that the EV evolution is mostly based on hype at this stage, there is no ignoring how many wannabe graphite companies are clambering to get on board the gravy train it promises to be. Likewise, Mick, the push to produce Spherical Graphite to fill the demand coming from the battery tech industry (currently) may become self-defeating as the ever-changing technologies may make such products obsolete. Lets hope, as you say, that our BOD don't commit to Spherical Graphite.

    What this information about MRC and their announcement should tell BSM holders and would-be holders is that we are in the right space (the graphite space) but that our BOD and management need to act swiftly and make hay while the sun shines. It is going to be an ever-more-competitive space!!!
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