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Well, someone needs to take the lead to get things back to...

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    Well, someone needs to take the lead to get things back to normality after yesterday's derailing.

    Thanks, Ikappo, for your change of heart. Whilst you supported Cdeb and initiated the conflict, you have done a complete flip by giving Bripoz's post the thumbs up and gave my posts credence with your "likes" too. I am much appreciative. The ironies never cease to amuse, though.

    What a blessing in disguise because out of the woodwork came Dr Elephant's big announcement that he has finally sold! It has taken 9 mths of complaining and a couple of months of self-imposed silence before his capitulation. It's a shame our forum had to be derailed the way it was just for that proclamation.

    Anyway, lets get the forum back on track with some informative posts (positive or negative). Perhaps someone else would like to take centre stage again. That's what is tiresome... keeping the news and banter going at this end of town. I can understand holders who have a negative sentiment not wanting to post since they are naturally shouted down by those who have done their due diligence and have their facts straight. However, it's just bizarre that a holder having a "buy" sentiment who only shows support to those who have a negative sentiment. I can understand expressing an open mind, which is exactly what I have been doing for the last few months if no one has noticed. But to not post at all (when one used to frequently last year) with the one exception... to show support for the likes of Dr E is simply suspect.

    Thanks again, Ikappo, for your change of tune towards commonsense. Sayonara Dr Elephant. It was a good knowing you when we were once on the same page... and I sincerely mean that. I'm sure that you will be back to rub salt into our wounds if the SP isn't at your buy-in price of 2.7c in 12 mths. "Time will tell" indeed.
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