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Thanks for your kind words and observations, Bripoz. You are...

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    Thanks for your kind words and observations, Bripoz. You are being a little too lenient on my part, though. My response to Ikappo is very much open to interpretation... more facetious than concillatory was my intent! My inference was more to "Get Smart" than an apology!

    Glad to see that one "grouch" has gotten smarter in his old age and finally sold at the lows. At least now, though, he seems a bit happier having lightened his buggage. Can't seem to add up beyond the numeral three, though, when it comes to the number of posters here.

    Thanks, Dugsy and Towie. It appears that my rants and musings have worked in an inadvertent duplicitous manner in attracting the constructive calibre of posters and investors that BSM and we all need, such as yourselves, whilst weeding out the unforgiving and potentially destructive ones.

    You are dead right, Bripoz, there is always the "Ignore" button. Instead of the dummy spits like "This is the last time I am posting here!", why not be mature and proactive by either hitting the ignore button on Shellbell OR starting up you own thread, cdeb, as previously suggested? I'm not going to "hijack" it, so long as you title it "Banter & Negative Stuff". The rest of us will naturally gravitate to our own positive threads. That way none of us will look like idiots as per the following quote: "Don't argue with an idiot... people watching may not be able to tell the difference".

    If this post of mine is deemed a "hijacking" by a childish few ... hmmm... "Whatever!" and you deserve the proverbial finger from Mrs Doubtfire.

    NT: As a matter fact, the surf is best in winter here in Perth. So, no relief for my opposers in your assumption. I'm curious as to why you don't post when your sentiment status is "Buy". Even when cdeb posted a pile of unfactual or exaggerated statements a few weeks ago about Bass (like they hadn't sold or shipped any graphite when they had been for several quarters) you didn't post in defense of the company. Just bizarre. Yet I cop stick for putting up some comedic but relevant points of view. Go figure! As Bripoz, states, "posters need to take into account ALL Shellbell's posts". If you did, you would be quite enlightened as to the big picture, but each to their own.
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