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cfp cfp cfp , apologies for the delayed replyFabricated ideas in...

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    cfp cfp cfp , apologies for the delayed reply

    Fabricated ideas in one's own imagination generally leads to a confusion between "dreams" and "reality".
    I do note that in a vast majority of your replies you fail to actually answer questions asked of you, always ask others to provide links/proof to substantiate statements made (re: post 38891387 "and once again can he support his lies with facts a link or 2") but conveniently deflect to a random subject when asked the same of you and fail to read the content of posts correctly.

    I never suggested that WFE should include in any announcement that "you said it here first" but inferred that you make statements that are contrary to the official announcements made by the company re: "as I have always said I first brought up the NSX move in here and I believe I will be proved right" Here is your chance to provide links to support your theory of WFE moving to the NSX.......
    Unfortunately Brewer by his own admission via "tweets" doesn't quite agree with you and has re-iterated that they are still seeking to re-list on the ASX and NOT the NSX as you have concocted, and to this point in time there has been no WFE announcements to suggest a NSX listing.

    As for the wild suggestion of opening up 5 shell companies and transferring shares just so WFE can meet the 25% shares held in Europe to list on the LSE is absurd, just for the record, the time line suggested by the company to be listed on the LSE expires in 14 days rolleyes.png
    I look forward to your "new" forthcoming suggestion with bated breathe.


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