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Ann: Quarterly Cashflow Report, page-174

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    Always knew this “unique cobalt real estate package” was gonna cause much hasn’t disappointed.
    Problem here is the cat and mouse game between the ASX and WFE probably based on IMO the history of all things deals in DRC, all things of magnitude in a processing plant with 7 supply agreements for 1% cobalt with a promise of a prepaid, and finally all things JB (the vision) who makes things happen in parts of the world where no one else can.
    This is the speculative end of the market and so let’s all be grown ups about how we assess the risks and most importantly our I agree great to debate but early on was a concerted non-factual campaign turned scare campaign and of late now a detailed well structured one with plenty of paragraphs on some of the information circulating in announcements over the past 12 months...certainly gets the holders asking the questions regarding just what are the agendas...there will be some IPO cap raisings about the place so this is sure to perk some infettered interest.
    But as always let’s keep our eye on the prize in
    - ease of migration from ASX to NSX and off we go...bloody quick process
    - looking like an improved platform and gets the foot in the door to the LSE
    I like hearing the ringing of opening bells when an imminent cobalt story has over the last 12 months done plenty to derisk a unique cobalt real estate package backed by METS, KUMI, AHIC, 7 Congolese suppliers and Airguide to name a few...certainly makes the “prospectus” full of information for the natives and the West to decipher...yep all leads into an arduous journey and yep you guess it the coined phrase by the one heart palpitations
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