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So the conjecture here is that while SOLG and Cornerstone share...

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    So the conjecture here is that while SOLG and Cornerstone share values go up well over a 100% in the last week, these DGR announcements could/will mean DGR share value goes down from 7.5c to around 3.7c, down nearly 50%. And that will most likely occur until this CR is completed on 21 May. DGR's interest in SOLG won't change and remains at 10.6% except there are more DGR shares to share in this same value. If some of DGR shareholders don't participate, Mather and his various other entities, will take up the shortfall, all while giving him 5% of the $5,56million raised, i.e., @$278,000, for the risk in underwriting. Win win situation for him.

    These capital raising documents have been many weeks if not months in the making. Mather has strategically planned this capital raising knowing DGR shareholders will/could be dramatically and I suggest adversely affected. This is the reason why he said: 'Buy SOLG' at his last talk fest. His share of DGR could be increased substantially in owner percentage terms should not all current shareholders take all of their shares on offer, when buying at nearly half the price of DGR shares on the ASX market. Through his inside position as CEO of both DGR and SOLG this has been a planned attack on the average DGR shareholder. Forget about the war he has engaged with Cornerstone for over 12 months, he has declared war on us.....this could severely affect DGR shareholders of any profits on their long term investments and also cause a significant loss. No increase in worth for our SOLG interests and millions to pour down the drain on otherwise failed daughter companies. The BOD will continue being paid for their directorships in these subsidary companies.

    Have we got this wrong? Has he a plan to actually assist all DGR shareholders make some profit from their investments? No one at this stage has offered such outcomes. Is this not market manipulation through total control that Mather has? I was truly expecting by now that DGR shares would have followed SOLG and Cornerstone in rising in value......but alias it looks like it is being purposely held down once again by our BOD.
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