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Ann: Proposed Debt Structure, page-14

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    Also in Germany is discussed and argued violently.
    So the user ebis at ARIVA:

    ebis: value of the company?

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    If I remember correctly, then are approx. 2.3 billion TG shares in circulation. At a value of 0.00067 per share, this would correspond to a company value of approx. $ 1.54 million. Is this appropriate? The question is, who determines the U value and thus the unit value? With us, these would be independent appraisers, if the stock market can not do it, because the price is suspended.
    The rescheduling does not affect the value of the stock value, only the enterprise value. This is a passive swap. H. less debt, more equity and more shares.
    The determination of the unit value thus determines the amount of the new shares for the waiver of the creditor on his claims (= debt from the perspective of the company) and defined - if it should come to that - the value of any compensation.
    Not the dilution is the problem, but the low share value, which then inevitably lead to a high degree of dilution-given the lenders' debt waiver.

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