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Nice work Sabine. I agree that the TH wont be lifted anytime...

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    Nice work Sabine. I agree that the TH wont be lifted anytime soon. They said in the last announcement that it may be the end of this month and hence couple of weeks to go..

    The presentation suggesting..... that they are discussing with various other parties, but the most interesting for me is Shanshan. I am waiting on their plans moving forward with AJM...they took big stake in AJM at much higher SP so obviously they are not giving this Offtake chance away for cheap....especially last time when I reported them moving big funds for investment in lithium ( I strongly believe those funds are on the way to AJM for second Offtake) Unfortunately I am away and no access to laptop and hence no news on that front.

    Any chance you can check Shanshan announcements for more updates ??

    Just hoping for big news on all fronts..Refinance, Offtake , SYA JV and purpose of Equity raise.. Also hoping and waiting for some of the big names being interested in AJM...Gina ,MIN, Andrew Forest, Tesla etc etc... And this will give a massive lift to AJM SP and restore the confidence. AJM holders have been tortured for a couple of years and who knows AJM might be the next market darling in Lithium sector....

    The good news for all AJM ers is that its not going anywhere near A40. Noticed most the trolls have disappeared after the last announcement...couple of them giving their last shot...lol

    Hold tight all holders n hoping this going to be one of the best year for AJM and Lithium sector...Alex Chessy has already mentioned about price moving north soon.....cant have any better source of information than the marketing man himself....

    All IMO
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