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Hi Jo,I feel your frustrations as do many LTH's I think (I can't...

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    Hi Jo,

    I feel your frustrations mad.png as do many LTH's I think (I can't speak for them but only me).

    Statenents have been made that the 'tranactions' (and documents) should be completed by the end of February!
    That's two working weeks (probably less) so we 'should' be trading by next Friday (hopefully) but like a few earlier statements, these deals can be quite complicatedredface.png

    IMO we appear to have competent people managing the company (and our money tied up in the shares). They have a lot of 'skin' in the game as well! So I know they are going to work for the best deal they can possibly get biggrin.pngcool.png

    I also think that there are a few deals being worked at present which might make it a bit more difficultwhat.png (my opinion only but a few star's seem to be aligning). I also don't expect All deals to be announced now but I feel the BOD are laying more ground Work for AJM's futuresneaky.png
    Shorters must be getting..........................................

    Hang in there wink.png

    P.S have you noticed a bit of change in tempo in the positive and negative news/info regarding Li across the board sneaky.png
    (and here we are just a few little fish in a big pond)
    FOR NOWcool.png


    GLTALTH (2020, bring it onbiggrin.png)
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