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I agree: the drilling results are incredible however in this...

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    I agree: the drilling results are incredible however in this little operation it hardly moves the needle so if an MOU for backloaded transport, when transport was always seen as our biggest hurdle, & these results can't give the share price a biblical sized boner then it can only be the DFS, financing or external factors . . . which leads me to my point.

    Mercedes EQC . . . Not enough batteries
    Jaguar I-Pace . . . Not enough batteries
    Tesla Truck . . . Not enough batteries yet to produce it at scale.

    Tesla overnight announced a capital raise of 2b . . . Musk has stated that there's no use working on new cars because there's not enough batteries.
    The "Battery Day" which has been announced by Tesla for April is apparently for the release of the 1 million mile battery & production pathway.

    I'll go as far as to say that Tesla are finally satisfied with their new battery chemistry for both passenger & commercial vehicles as well as storage & it's time to scale production. Musk doesn't want to build the machine . . . he wants to build the machine that builds the machines that build the things.

    As far as external factors go, this Tesla battery day will be monumental. I reckon musk is somewhat done with cars. He's going after the world energy storage market.

    I reckon we'll see goals of battery production so unbelievably ambitious & the pathways to get there.

    And we'll be there; biblical size deposit of Rolls Royce quality, fully permitted just dotting the i's & crossing the T's on our DFS which could easily lead to financing.

    I've been here for years but the next 12 weeks are going to be epic.
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