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Wow! You really can't win with this lot - there are equal kicks...

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    You really can't win with this lot - there are equal kicks and screams that:
    - GXY should make a voluntary announcement every time a fly farts in the executive office
    - GXY should publish bedtime stories via ASX voluntary announcements
    - GXY should not announce every little update until a final resolution is complete
    - GXY should only make regulatory-required mandatory announcements

    I can completely understand a BOD deciding it's impossible to pander to the whims of a disparate group of shareholders with varying investment timelines (seems some need a pat on the wrist and a pulse-check every trading day).

    Get over yourselves! If you are a long term investor, your timeframe needs to be more than a month without constant disclosures. Management have time and time proven they are the right people in the right role. Give them the time to deliver - these things don't happen overnight.

    If you are a short termer, well volatility is your investment thesis. Deal with it.

    // End Rant
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