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Brutuss, I hope I can reduce your doubts even if I share a...

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    Brutuss, I hope I can reduce your doubts even if I share a couple of them.

    I wonder how you are able to accuse people to be incompetent, if you never worked with them and perhaps were not even able to take in consideration their past achievements in their lives.
    I could not do it!
    Perhaps you read their profiles again in the new, from them initiated magnificent website, which is by far superior to what ever we had before!
    The FDA approval process was totally out of our board's hands, Carl Zeiss was in charge and the new board most likely bound by a contract negotiated by the previous board, which most likely included also the earnings per unit sold.
    The new boards behavior could have come across to you as arrogant, but it might also have been only a display of apprehension facing a hostile crowd of supporters of the former board. They also might not have been settled in fully in their jobs yet, with many unknown facts still hanging around at that time. That makes you look not too relaxed.
    Can't think of any etc., etc.
    Regarding future earnings I really would like also to know a bit more and think the company could provide more info to their shareholders.
    But again that might depend on contractuell obligations in regards to CZ's earnings.
    If you ever worked in developing a product for the market, you will know that most of the time it takes longer then planned to establish a production run with all the quality conrtoll regulations and procedure manuals to be written.
    But CZ must really be ahead in a very advanced stage by saying they are finalising commercialisation. The real sales are just beginning in my opinion!
    If CZ is mentioned on page 16 or 17 of OIL's presentation is not relevant at all.
    One of the most important developments is now to drive our own Five2 (ViewnVivo) forward to have a place in every University and Medical Research Center in Australia! It's now thank God a second leg we stand on!
    Perhaps the Australian Government could do a bit more and our former OIL CEO Dr. Finkel, which is now the Government's chief scientist, should do a lot of pushing with his knowledge of the technical achievements of this Australian Company, which he steered along once!
    Regarding share price action, I can asure you it's not me, but plenty of the spending happend and happens form people I know, because I was always enthusiastic regarding OIL. So far I appologise nearly every day to them!
    Again I agree with you, that if we all would know a bit more, especially in regards to expected future earnings, it would be very much appreciatied and the reall market would take notice of OIL's existence too.
    I hope too,that you are wrong on all your counts ..........

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