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The management of this company is bizarre. They went hunting for...

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    The management of this company is bizarre. They went hunting for some 'big hit' somewhere else. When, by the looks of this OLD, KNOWN data, they simply need to infill what they have. Why did they not do that in the first instance? Bizarre, not so convincing, management. The beauty of an explorer is you cannot lose your shirt like a GCY or a DCN. You are never measured. You simply keep telling stories and you keep getting your zillion dollar salary and benefits. Just for telling a story.

    ...'oh, look what we found in the back treasure chest.... a map.... and on the map are some shiny gold markings.... that means if we follow the markings, and look around the markings.... well, you can think what good thing can happen'

    '...PS it will take a while and we need money to follow the map.... of course, you understand, that maybe, just maybe the map is a pointer to the good things in life we all want; and we can even donate some of our future riches, us and you, to charity to help hungry people in Africa, and drill water wells for the Eskimos of Alaska; there is no guarantee, but if you join on this journey it is possible you become rich and solve all the world problems at the same time... just give us management a little, little longer... and dont worry, if that map does not produce, we know there are more maps; we will look for and find them (if we need) and we even know a special map reader who can understand the shiny markings of the map; no, it is not Johnny Depp, but the same map reader that helped Gascoyne and Daican; the outcome is looking great.... no guarantees, but looking great' OK CHILDREN, TIME FOR BED, AND WHERE DID YOU PUT YOUR PIGGY BANK; DADDY IS GONNA BORROW A LITTLE AND PLONK IT ON AUSSIE TO WIN THE WORLD CUP

    (I changed my sentiment to buy because of Westgold buying up)
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