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There are some posters dougfr whom are constantly verbalised,...

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    There are some posters dougfr whom are constantly verbalised, because of their opinion and well educated one at that. By no means down ramping as some put it ! Some here on HC don't know the meaning of the word ! Trolls is another. I try and offer an alternative view as other "non holders" do but that side of the equation is not welcome here, by some

    When is the board going to be held accountable for the coy's position and state of the SP ? No point in bashing certain "non holders" how anyone believes honestly, SSN is currently a "buy" is beyond me. Someone even converted options the other day.

    How many years does it take with 60mill, 70mill, in the bank to get this thing going ? This is the crossroads for SSN imho. How will they keep above the decline curve ? Unfortunately the prod has turned south again which will make TB's job even harder.

    Bash away if that tickles your fancy.

    Good luck to all.
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