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Lense 7/8 With lense 7/8 area the main concern would be mining...

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    Lense 7/8
    With lense 7/8 area the main concern would be mining dilution, with that in mind what kind of method do they envision using to mine the 7/8 lense, - Open cut initially, then underground.

    Here a some brief answers to your questions. I have very little experience with mining and geo, This is how I interpreted them

    Do they anticipate that having such high grade ore that even if considerable mining dilution did occur the high grade of the deposit will still ensure it is economical? - YES

    Having the 5-6 high grade lenses stacked together like that, what do they foresee as being the best way to prevent/control mining dilution being? Underground Mining following the seems

    Lense 2
    What kind of expectation do they have for lense 2 moving forward. do they expect it to be economical to extract tonnage from there at some point? - Not asked

    If so do they plan to pursue the area would it be in the short term or more in the longer term?

    We have heard alot about forward plans for the north, what about to the south, What expectations do they have for the area south of lense 2? - Not in immediate plans - North first

    how well does it compare to the north does it show any similar signs of holding economical lenses as well?

    Metallurgical work
    With regard to metallurgical work what kind of results are they targeting? - Results end of Jan. They have no issue with the Metallurgy. Floation method first, then Galv if big enough.

    What are the base line recovery rates they think they will need for the project to be economical, are we talking 80%+ or lower higher? - Not asked

    Can they give some sort of ball park as to what they think we need to be economical? - Initial base of 3,000,000 then additional as more drilling occurs across the rest of the tenement.

    Caribou south
    What do they currently think about caribou south? they seemed bullish in early statements on the prospect and spent alot of time and resources drilling it for no results, but still mention further work needed, what do they feel is going on with it? to drill 2 holes like that and find no minerlisation is disconcerting, do they have any ideas on what happened? - Not asked

    How confident are they something is there and how will the approach the target in future exploration?
    - Not asked

    Initial JORC
    When the geological modelling is finished will an initial JORC be released or are they planning additional drilling first? - They are still undecided

    Additional mineralisation
    Have they seen any other mineralisation in their drill results, I know historically we have seen up to 25g/t of silver, is silver present through out the deposit? - Not asked

    If the price of silver doubled would be make worth worrying about or is it in too small of a quantity and too low of a grade to be concerned about?- Not asked
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