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Ann: OFFICE: ZEL: General Manager, Marketing

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    02/02/2015 10:34
    REL: 1034 HRS Z Energy Limited
    OFFICE: ZEL: General Manager, Marketing
    Z Energy today said it had boosted the breadth and capability of the
    company's executive with the appointment of Marketing Manager, Jane Anthony,
    to the new position of General Manager, Marketing.
    This position will report to the Chief Executive and is effective
    Z Chief Executive Mike Bennetts said Jane has been instrumental in the
    building of the Z brand and the company's marketing programme for the last
    five years. He said Jane's appointment reflected her strong leadership and
    technical capabilities, as well as the importance the company placed on
    building its brand and ensuring the marketing function was well represented
    in the executive decision making process.
    "The Z brand increasingly resonates with our customers and is differentiated
    within the market. We remain committed building a world class company that
    delivers value for our customers and world class companies invest in
    distinctive brands," he said.
    "This appointment recognises the contribution that Jane has made to building
    what is already the most preferred brand in this market and the potential
    that we see in the future of our brand. Given the value we place on our brand
    and customer marketing programmes, this is a logical promotion which will
    enable us to build a stronger and more diverse executive at Z," said Mike.
    Vincent Gin
    Investor Relations Advisor and Assistant Company Secretary
    04 462 4613
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