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Ann: OFFICE: VML: VMob Appoints Senior Vice President Global Sales

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    • Release Date: 05/02/15 17:20
    • Summary: OFFICE: VML: VMob Appoints Senior Vice President Global Sales
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    05/02/2015 17:20
    REL: 1720 HRS VMob Group Limited
    OFFICE: VML: VMob Appoints Senior Vice President Global Sales
    VMob Appoints Senior VP Global Sales
    VMob Group Ltd (NZAX:VML) has appointed Bill McHargue as Senior Vice
    President of Global Sales.  McHargue will be based in San Francisco and will
    have responsibility for the Company's global sales activity.
    Bill McHargue's prior experience includes senior sales roles at Swrve, Crowd
    Science, Rubicon and Strong View.
    VMob's marketplace relationship with Microsoft is generating significant
    interest in the Company's offering in the US and other markets and McHargue
    will be ideally placed to pursue these opportunities from his California
    Scott Bradley
    + 64 21 722 556
    Media alert
    5th February 2015
    Prominent San Francisco based software sales executive Bill McHargue has been
    appointed into the newly-created Senior Vice President Global Sales role for
    internationally-awarded mobile marketing company VMob (NZAX: VML).
    With nearly 20 years' experience in senior sales leadership roles in Consumer
    Internet, Mobile and Enterprise SaaS businesses, Bill has overseen extensive
    sales forces and driven impressive results for global companies from Start
    Ups to Fortune 500.
    Overseeing the global sales efforts for VMob, Bill will manage sales
    executives from the US, Japan, Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand,
    supporting the ambitious expansion of the New Zealand-originated company.
    Former roles held by McHargue include Vice President Sales at Crowd Science
    and Rubicon as well as senior roles at StrongMail Sytems, Pitney Bowes and
    Digital Island.
    VMob CEO and founder Scott Bradley says the addition of Bill to the team will
    undoubtedly strengthen the VMob network.
    "Not only is Bill an incredibly respected industry expert, but he also has a
    proven arsenal of world-class expertise that will reinforce our global
    expansion plans and drive the level of sales service and support that big
    brands demand."
    Bill says there's a huge interest around the world for VMob's live marketing
    cloud platform as the retail landscape evolves.
    "Retailers know they must transform the traditional brick & mortar retail
    experience to stay relevant with their mobile consumers. VMob has the
    expertise and scale to do it. Today the company is delivering phenomenal
    results for some of the biggest global retailers. I'm thrilled to be joining
    such a talented and passionate team. "
    VMob has started 2015 with strong momentum, having signed a commercial
    agreement in late January with McDonald's to provide its cloud-based customer
    engagement platform to McDonald's restaurants globally, as well as securing a
    coveted presence in the Microsoft-backed Technovation Centre Las Vegas.
    For more information please contact:
    Alexandra Speedy
    Senior Account Manager, Haystac PR (VMob)
    Mobile: +64 21 070 0651
    Email: [email protected]
    About VMob
    The VMob mobile marketing platform, built specifically for retailers, uses
    in-store beacon functionality, mobile vouchers and mobile loyalty to increase
    store traffic, improve in-store experience and build loyalty. All app content
    is tailored specifically to each shopper by our big data platform, running on
    the Microsoft Azure network, using a combination of historic information and
    live data points such as location, weather and nearby events. VMob is based
    in Auckland, New Zealand and is listed on the NZX Alternative Market (NZAX:
    The Company has already achieved success in worldwide markets with strong
    partnerships and clients including McDonald's USA, Netherlands, Sweden and
    Japan, Exxon, DDB, Telkom Indonesia, Telecom New Zealand, Vodafone, Yellow
    Pages, Heart of the City and Loyalty New Zealand.
    Visit www.vmob.co for further information
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