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Ann: OFFICE: SNK: Listing rule 10.7.1 - Changes in Officers at Snakk Media

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    • Release Date: 13/02/15 15:36
    • Summary: OFFICE: SNK: Listing rule 10.7.1 - Changes in Officers at Snakk Media
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    13/02/2015 15:36
    REL: 1536 HRS Snakk Media Limited
    OFFICE: SNK: Listing rule 10.7.1 - Changes in Officers at Snakk Media
    13 February 2015
    For the purposes of Listing Rule 10.7.1, SNK notifies NZX that for personal
    reasons Bob Mohan has resigned as Chief Financial Officer, effective from 20
    February 2015. While a permanent replacement is being identified, two Interim
    CFO's have been appointed, effective from 20 February 2015; one in New
    Zealand, the other in Australia.
    Neil Livingstone, based in Sydney, has worked with Snakk Media over the last
    12 months. He has held executive financial and audit roles at PwC Australia
    and New Zealand, and Challenger Financial Services in Australia. Malcolm
    Lindeque is based in Auckland and has been Company Secretary for Snakk Media
    since March 2013.
    For media enquiries, please contact:
    Julie Landry, 021 895 098, [email protected]
    For investors enquiries, please contact:
    Malcolm Lindeque, Company Secretary, 021 464 392, investor[email protected],
    About Represent Media
    Represent Media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Snakk Media Ltd offering
    advertisers highly-targeted and engaging mobile ad campaigns that run
    exclusively across the mobile apps and websites produced by well-known
    publishing brands with large audience followings. The company matches a
    brand's desire to appear on these specific "big name" mobile apps and
    websites with the publisher's supply of ad space.
    About Snakk Media Ltd
    NZAX-listed Snakk Media helps brands find and reach consumers using apps,
    games and social media on their smartphones, tablets and other smart screens.
    The company generates revenue every time it successfully targets and delivers
    an ad across its networks of mobile websites, apps and games. The ads are
    targeted to ensure the right audiences see them at the right time and place.
    Snakk is one of the first public companies in the world that has met the
    rigorous social and environmental performance standards required to become a
    certified B Corporation.
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