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Ann: OFFICE: HED: Horizon Energy Announces Appointment of New CFO

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    • Release Date: 12/09/14 09:36
    • Summary: OFFICE: HED: Horizon Energy Announces Appointment of New CFO
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    12/09/2014 09:36
    REL: 0936 HRS Horizon Energy Distribution Limited
    OFFICE: HED: Horizon Energy Announces Appointment of New CFO
    NZX listed Electricity Lines Company Horizon Energy Distribution Limited
    (Horizon Energy) has today announced that John Anderson will be appointed to
    the role of Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary effective from 15
    September 2014.
    Group CEO, Ajay Anand, said "John has been the acting CFO since April 2014
    and has made a measurable contribution in the short time that he has been
    with us.  John's breadth of experience in managing both regulated and
    non-regulated businesses will be an asset to the business as we progress the
    growth and development of the Company".
    For further information please contact:
    Ajay Anand
    Group Chief Executive Officer
    Horizon Energy Distribution Limited
    +64 7 306 2900
    Horizon Energy conveys electricity from generating stations and the national
    grid to the homes and businesses of more than 24,700 consumers in the Eastern
    Bay of Plenty. Horizon Energy's core business is operating an electricity
    distribution network comprising of some 2,400 kilometres of lines over 8,400
    square kilometres in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  In addition Horizon Energy
    owns Horizon Services Limited, a Bay of Plenty based electrical contracting
    business and Aquaheat New Zealand Limited, a national HVAC mechanical
    services contractor and servicing business.
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