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Originally posted by OxfordCambridgeLast year I paid capital...

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    Ox The proportionally challenged lady hasn't sung yet. Wait 'til she stabs herself between the the 2 big ....redface.pngtrees.redface.png
    I am in my 70's and I worked out I have to work until I am 110. Follow the good advice of the previous sincere posters.
    I just bought more at 2.4 last week ....ouch. So take that as a reflection of my investment expertise.
    As I lick my wounds I am expecting 1.8- 2.0 c for sp prior any F/O announcement. In other words a pre Winx TD situation.
    There are another 5 years left on leases which is pretty exciting for me as all I have to do is live that long at leastcool.png. (A bit like a cross between Russian roulette and pin the tail on the donkey).
    Seriously I would recommend to holders use a top down perspective and start with few facts
    1 we have a rather substantial net acreage on the North Slope still undiluted asset before farm out
    2 North Slope as an oil (prospecting/producing) province has matured substantially over past 3 -4 years. Armstrong and Musselman certainly proved that in conventional. Look at the new names Oil Search, Repsol. Armstrong and Musselman have been around before as has Conoco
    3 If a company was to search for oil why not Alaska "Oiliest place in the woild" Musselman I think.
    4 F/O soon is for conventional. Winx data must have some value. We know where it (oil) is not. The geological info from drill is important albeit not the f/o area..
    5 Winx was an opportunity like in poker "flip last card to see who has the best heart on the side". It was a side bet; main pot in the middle is still there. Sorta explains why I gotta live to 110 yrs old I guess.

    Hang in there Ox

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