MDZ 0.52% $5.26 nz mid cap fund (ns)

Ann: NTA: MDZ: MDZ NTA 30-01-2015 $3.59354

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    02/02/2015 10:26
    REL: 1026 HRS The NZX MidCap Index Fund
    NTA: MDZ: MDZ NTA 30-01-2015 $3.59354
    2 February 2015
    SmartMIDZ NTA & Allotment Notice
    The manager of the SmartMIDZ advises that as at close of business on 30
    January 2015 a total of Nil units has been redeemed or allotted since 29
    January 2015. The total number of units on issue on that day was 14,850,223.
    The asset backing for each SmartMIDZ unit at close of business on 30 January
    2015 was $3.59354
    The tracking difference was 2.30%
    Unitholders can invest or surrender Smartshares Units in the form of baskets
    for holdings in multiples of:
    - 500,000 units for smartTENZ
    - 200,000 units for smartFONZ & smartMIDZ
    - 150,000 units for smartMOZY & smartOZZY
    - 250,000 units for Australian Dividend Index Trust & Australian Property
    Index Trust
    smartMIDZ Basket Composition
    The new basket composition applies to applications and withdrawals.
    Cash Portion: $16,767.78
    Code Security description Shares
    AIR    Air New Zealand Limited 12,448
    ARG    Argosy Property Limited 18,953
    ATM    A2 Corporation Limited 12,876
    CNU    Chorus Limited 9,413
    DIL    Diligent Board Member Services INC 2,062
    DNZ    DNZ Property Fund Limited 7,059
    EBO    Ebos Group Limited 2,163
    FRE    Freightways Limited 3,670
    FSF    Fonterra Shareholders Fund 2,914
    GMT    Goodman Property Trust 24,156
    GNE    Genesis Energy Limited 11,075
    HNZ    Heartland New Zealand Limited 10,068
    IFT    Infratil Limited 13,338
    KMD    Kathmandu Holdings Limited 4,781
    KPG    Kiwi Income Property Group Limited 27,048
    MELCA    Meridian Energy Limited 29,815
    MET    Metlifecare Limited 2,802
    MFT    Mainfreight Limited 1,980
    MPG    Metro Performance Glass Limited 3,412
    MRP    Mighty River Power Lmited 15,065
    NPX    Nuplex Industries Limited 4,705
    NZO    New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited 8,048
    NZX    NZX Limited 6,071
    PCT    Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited 20,376
    PEB    Pacific Edge Limited 7,567
    PFI    Property For Industry Limited 9,773
    POT    Port of Tauranga Limited 1,483
    RBD    Restaurant Brands New Zealand Limited 2,324
    SKL    Skellerup Holdings Limited 4,579
    STU    Steel & Tube Holdings Limited 2,101
    SUM    Summerset Group Holdings Limited 5,167
    TPW    TrustPower Limited 1,183
    TWR    Tower Limited 4,174
    VCT    Vector Limited 5,813
    VHP    Vital Healthcare Property Trust 6,152
    WHS    The Warehouse Group Limited 2,329
    ZEL    Z Energy Limited 5,700
    For further information please contact:
    Smartshares Limited
    0800 80 87 80
    [email protected]
    End CA:00260220 For:MDZ    Type:NTA        Time:2015-02-02 10:26:25
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