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Ann: NTA: EUT: Net Asset Value

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    03/02/2015 08:30
    REL: 0830 HRS The European Investment Trust plc
    NTA: EUT: Net Asset Value
    The European Investment Trust plc
    Based on a bid price valuation, the unaudited net asset value per Ordinary
    Share of the Company as at 30 January 2015 was 815.91p including estimated
    current period revenue and 816.23p excluding current period revenue.
    This is based on 42,069,371 Ordinary Shares, being the number of shares
    in issue and circulation.
    02 February 2015
    Kenneth Greig
    Edinburgh Partners AIFM Limited
    Tel: 0131 270 3800
    The Company's registered office address is:
    Beaufort House
    51 New North Road
    EX4 4EP
    End CA:00260244 For:EUT    Type:NTA        Time:2015-02-03 08:30:46
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