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Ann: NTA: AOR: Aorere NTA per share 0.51 cents

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    12/02/2015 14:30
    REL: 1430 HRS Aorere Resources Limited
    NTA: AOR: Aorere NTA per share 0.51 cents
    12 February 2015
    NZX Announcement
    Aorere NTA/share 0.51 cents
    Share price movements in AIM listed Mosman Oil and Gas and NZAX listed
    Chatham Rock Phosphate continue to significantly influence Aorere's net asset
    Our Mosman shareholding now has a present market value of NZD 2.47 million,
    based on the present market price of 11.62 pence.
    Our Chatham Rock Phosphate holding is worth NZD 310,000 at its present market
    price of 1.7 cents.
    Aorere's listed market value at 0.3 cents is NZD 1.93 million, and total net
    assets NZD 3.3 million. The undiluted net asset backing of an Aorere share
    (including all significant portfolio assets at market value) is now 0.51
    The table below details the present market value of the various components of
    the portfolio. Portfolio Analysis 654,746,481 Asian Minerals 401,015 0.06
    King Solomon 57,023 0.01 Chatham Rock 309,692 0.05 Minor investments 31,510
    0.00 Mosman 2,466,932 0.38 Akura 58,963 0.01 Cash 166,758 0.03 Accruals
    (164,100) (0.03) 3,327,792 0.51
    Chris Castle, Managing Director
    Aorere Resources Ltd
    End CA:00260587 For:AOR    Type:NTA        Time:2015-02-12 14:30:45
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