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I thought about not posting again as it maybe seen as...

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    I thought about not posting again as it maybe seen as down-ramping but honestly would like someone to possibly change my mind. My prospective is more from a cellular prospective coupled with how a company presents its study’s and how there viewed by peer reviewed research.

    the study mentioned here is attempting to see whether emtin-b or another peptide emtin-a is effective in preventing fibrosis from covid related damage.

    the original concepts being studied in both gluacoma related blindness and multiple sclerosis look at the regeneration of myelin sheaths which are part of the neuron which assists transmission of messages through the body and have a strengthening component to neurons. I like this. It makes sense with some of the animal studies that suggest that increased expression of MT-2 & MT-3 both assist with the regeneration of myelin. Even a small improvement in someone with MS could be completely life changing.

    lung tissue is comprised of primarily collagen. When damaged by inflammation in the covid process either by acute respiratory distress syndrome or pneumonia related damage the linings of the lung become scarred (fibrosis) restricting the lungs ability perform its mechanical function leading to a mechanical issue in the lung where restriction affects the lungs expansion or bronchiole airway. This process has other effects on the homeostatic mechanism of lung function which can lead to issues with symptoms such as short of breathe or even gas trapping of co2 or cardiac enlargement to name a few.

    neurons are a completely different cellular build compared to tissue. They have been thought to be unrepairable. The animal studies of MS and neuron regeneration through increased expression of MT-2 are a mixed bag of results but lead towards MT-2 having a strong effect of myelin regeneration.

    One very small cellular study shows that MT-2 could be responsible for preventing damage to lung tissue. My issues are it’s an animal study and key word here is could. That’s what the scientist were looking for. So to make there study effective any small positive sign would show improvement in the conclusion.

    my other issue is how it is presented which uses the post covid as the example. There are plenty other ways to present this as such as fibrosis of lung would be adequate as COPD (not emypheysema) but the other branches are affected by fibrosis. So are patients who are septic due to bacterial infection another cause of inflammation leading to scarring or fibrosis. I’ve seen studies on the asx that state cannabonoid oil is effective against ards put positively towards investors and realistically it’s not. So for me suggesting MT-2 offers a protective factor and the marketing of the message puts me off in a large way due to negative new cycle impending as a result.

    i do however want to say a few other things.

    -TOX will be fine as long as the dose isn’t to high
    -glaucoma study I believe will have positive results due to my research on the matter and the lions eye institutes involvement
    - ms study will be the one to watch and could be huge for NSB

    positive signs for investors-
    — alpha swiss on board is a great thing here
    — the idea of outsourcing the drug as an end game means you should see significant growth from its current market cap.

    — I still believe the directors have a long way to go on how to market to investors, and would like to see some further developments in there presentation to meet a more medical approach.

    take my comments with a grain of salt. Essentially it’s just not for me.

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