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    Even though I don't share it, I can understand your frustration with the share price going down immediately after a rise. But I don't understand your take on those causing the price to drop by selling ("It's time to stop this opportunistic reaping of profits".)

    If you mean opportunistic as "taking advantage of opportunities", isn't that what we're all here for – to make money? Why pay more for something you can get cheaper in a day, whether that's apples or AZY shares? I agree that it's a good company, and that's why I invested in it. But it's a company, not a friend or a partner, and loyalty just doesn't come into the equation. Any more than the other way around – I don't expect the company to be loyal to me, regardless of how long I've held.

    You're right with your comment about it seeming like sellers have a run sheet. They do. That's what I've been commenting on for the past few months. It's the same script that is followed every time. To me, it seems both logical and sensible to take advantage of that reality, learn the lines, and make money. (Please note: I'm not selling out, or even down – just selling the new shares I buy on the dip that follows every rise, if either are minimum 10%).

    I also agree with you that I would like to see the share price supported and shoot into the stratosphere. I don't understand why the results from the past six months haven't done this, as they seem excellent to me. But the fact remains that they haven't and are unlikely to without consistently good results being announced. So in the meantime I think it's a good idea to play with the hand you're dealt and make money.

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