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D, don't take my post too literally. I only mentioned BGL...

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    D, don't take my post too literally. I only mentioned BGL because I was in there well below 20 cents and jumped out a bit early (40s) but kept buying when others were slamming it, before it got some legs.

    I draw parallels here, as it started small and then whammo, surprise! The herd woke up and started buying.

    Here we have more experienced backers and the potential is there, with less shares on issue. I get a similar "vibe" if you like.

    The thing BGL had was the Paterson's head of finance (Ray Shorrocks) with a large holding (and director) so they got a LOT of spruiking to the money crowd. Ray also a director for GLL (different industry) but totally over rated company based on the promotion they receive from Patos. Their resource is krap but they still ran hard.

    That was all I meant.

    We have a special thing here so I've been adding in the personal and smsf as cash allows and with any luck and some good drilling we'll get to 500,000 ounces is my guess.

    It's what can we get to if the deeper grades are higher and open at strike that could prove very exciting.

    Just by the by, the crew that is responsible for BGL (Parsons, Naylor et al) have been buying up into a shell (AUT) if you look at their substantial holder notices of late. They did something similar with DRG then it became BGL.

    I could be way off but it looks like their next vehicle of choice?????

    Apologies for the waffle, just had a couple of bevvies and in a waffling mood.

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