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RRR is actually making a fair bit of sense with how explorer...

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    RRR is actually making a fair bit of sense with how explorer specs work and is also providing abit of an insight as to what could happen due to the effects of the recent spill.

    as for vanguard comments they are two completely different concepts of investing. This is more having a punt then a standard return. CHN would have been a punt for some and it turned out to be a good one. It’s a fair example of how discovery can contribute to shareholder value with patience. I’m sure there were plenty who felt as you do. You see it all the time on these forums, frustration for those who aren’t patient.

    what I’d hate to see here is very cheap or free easily achievable in the money options come into play for institutions that in general would provide volume and interest but it isn’t genuine. It’s to create a short window of opportunity to dump large amounts of stock on unsuspecting retail. That’s what can happen if a broker wants it to.

    its an interesting time to have a spill. I doubt retail will have much of an effect where the majority of votes are held by those in T20. Also interesting to see the accumulation occurring on market so easily for this process. I wouldn’t give tkl up for this cheap but it appears other will. Occasionally when these issues occur you can see the price go up due to those who want to take control buying on market for a more premium. Or alternatively the other way someone with a lot of votes dumping. The sp is in a volatile stage as a result both ways.

    on another note some research. The nickel prospects in the area have been typically low grade at an average of around 0.6 so this doesn’t peak my interest to much.however it maybe to those with a processing plant nearby. the gold intrusions and source could provide a real discovery coupled with the copper potential.

    GL everyone. Let’s see where this goes.

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