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Ann: MEETING: FLI: Closing Date for Director Nominations

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    • Release Date: 09/09/15 12:53
    • Summary: MEETING: FLI: Closing Date for Director Nominations
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    09/09/2015 12:53
    REL: 1253 HRS Fliway Group Limited
    MEETING: FLI: Closing Date for Director Nominations
    Fliway Group Limited (NZX: FLI) intends to hold the company's Annual Meeting
    of Security holders in Auckland on Friday 23 October 2015. Further details,
    including the time and venue, will be advised in the Notice of Meeting.
    For the purposes of NZX Listing rule 3.3.5, the closing date for director
    nominations for the Annual Meeting is Friday 25 September 2015. All
    nominations must be received by 4pm on that date.
    Nominations may only be made by a security holder entitled to attend and vote
    at the Annual General Meeting.
    Any nominations should be forwarded in writing to:
    Jim Sybertsma
    Chief Financial Officer
    Fliway Group Limited
    PO Box 73 011
    Auckland International Airport
    Auckland 2150
    Contact: Jim Sybertsma CFO on +64 9 255 4600 | [email protected]
    End CA:00269856 For:FLI    Type:MEETING    Time:2015-09-09 12:53:17
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