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    Cherry picking the accounting numbers i would think.
    Of course they were making money with CW but not enough for all the trouble . Big companies want to try to make a profit that makes the risk all worthwhile.
    Fighting CW over nickels and dimes, shelf height, space etc is not what a big company wants to do when they are only making a couple % margin ( just a % i throw in for the discussion....i don't know anything).
    AGL electricity make 557 million dollars last half....and people say they are greedy. But I have read that they have invested 11.5 BILLION dollars which makes 557 less than 10 % profit. Not a lot for the risk ..(before figuring out profit they probably had to subtract a lot of costs. These are the saving they are talking about....(in my opinion)....But they were making a profit.)....they are taking. Would you work work for 10% profit, if there was great risk involved? Possibly. Would SIG work for 5% if there was risk involved? Possibly. OR NOT.
    CW is a behemoth that steamrolls their the advantage of the customer,...and themselves....but not to the supplier.
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