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The one thing that makes me stop and think as the share price...

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    The one thing that makes me stop and think as the share price does a Coles ad - "down, down, down" - is that the management will also be feeling the pain as they get paid in shares. And in the past they have even loaned personal money to the company. So I cut the team some slack.

    Problem seems to be one , a significant shareholder has had enough and is taking his marbles and going home and two, they don't seem willing to get some high powered cashed up interests involved that could move the show along at a faster pace. Yes they would have to farm out some of their interest but at the rate we are going now that interest won't be worth much any way.

    No point in saying you have the opportunity to produce multiples of the current levels of production without saying why it isn't happening. What are the constraints.

    Don't really understand why it takes so long to perforate and test, maybe the contract operator Dero Parker has other jobs as well. I can understand they don't want to spend the money to have one of their own on the ground but my experience has been you can't adequately oversee a US operation from Subiaco!

    It is very frustrating!!
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