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Well again I see a significant lurch forward in certainty.......

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    Well again I see a significant lurch forward in certainty.... and as always certainty = Value


    1) So 1 week ago the the company released the updated Jorc which was a jump in reserves (and certainty).

    2) This weeks operational update reveals...

    a) " ... The FEED Study has been completed providing block flow and process flow diagrams, mechanical equipment selection and sizing, the overall mechanical equipment list, the electrical load list and plant general arrangement drawings, including a 3D model. ..."

    b) "...The FEED study has improved the confidence level in Capital and Operational Costs of the Project to an AACEI Class 2 (+/-10%) from the DFS version which was a Class 3 (+/-20%) level of estimation for inclusion in the optimised DFS update...."

    c) "...With the receipt of the final FEED study from Mincore and updated Mine Schedule Plan from CSA Global, AVZ is now updating its financial model for the Manono Project,..."

    d) "... confirming CAPEX and OPEX for Optimised DFS update..."

    So we were give or take 20% in DFS .... now give of take 10%. So increase certainty on costings and no wild blowouts in the cost of the project. This shows the quality of the AVZ Tech team in defining the original DFS. So well done those involved.

    e) "...The DFS update will be released following its completion and final sign off by the Board, which is anticipated in the coming weeks...."

    DFS update has been completed ... doing final run through before release. Again certainty increases.

    f) "...AVZ has awarded a Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) to Noram Engineering and Constructors Ltd (“Noram”) to produce lithium hydroxide from PLS feedstock. Early-stage discussions are underway with interested parties in various jurisdictions, wishing to partner with AVZ in the development of a lithium hydroxide conversion facility, where it is intended that AVZ will maintain a controlling interest. ..."

    So confirmation that AVZ will progress to Hydroxide. This can not be understated and will be a game changer in profitability. AVZ also seeks to have a "controlling interest". I suspect it will be in Europe. More certainty

    g) Noram’s PLS reagent optimisation study, which has been successfully completed. The Company has identified a short list of engineering firms to complete the outside battery limits scope of engineering design, in conjunction with the inside battery limit technical work to be undertaken by

    Again ... More certainty on PLS

    So the project moves forward ... better than many other mining spec miners I have an interest in TBH.

    As for these big ticket items ...Mining License, HEPP Agreement, Collaboration Agreement and MSEZ, they are now pretty much outside the control of AVZ Mgmt controlled timelines now with pretty much all information provided to the Govt authorities. So timelines are now dependent on the DRC govt processes NOT AVZ mgmt.

    h) "The Company remains confident that it will receive a favourable decision awarding the Mining Licence based on the body of work completed by AVZ proving the robust economics of the Project, although timing of a decision remains exclusively at the discretion of the DRC Government.

    I never ceases to amaze me of how short-sited some retail investors on AVZ can be. They have a attention span that barely can comprehend anything beyond the next announcement ... which temporarily gives the SP a adrenaline shot that will make it spike up/or down a few ticks instead of having bigger time horizon and big picture outlook. Its no wonder that Nigel kyboshed the retail SPP in last cap raise. Who would want more of these "bird brained" sized retailers, with an attention span of a gnat, who flit on and off the register every time there is the slightest change in the breeze or at a whim. Better to have institutional investors who are in to make the big $ from a paradigm shift in energy supply and distribution from a world clearly in desperate need for vast amounts of Lithium for at least the next 2 decades.

    ...and AVZ has the vast amounts of lithium. 100+ years of it in fact.
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