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    Blockchain is such a difficult space to interpret. So much jargon, such much hot air, so many forecasts, so many hypothetical use cases, so few real world use cases to interrogate. I note that the highest revenue generating companies in the blockchain space, are those that provide BC consulting services (hot air at rarified prices?).

    I haven't really been able to find company who has managed to monetize a BC 'product' that generates $$. There are some examples of banks who have launched fast international money transfer services, see Banco Santander offering using the Ripple network by way of example. If Web are successful in selling Rezchain to other travel companies then I suspect this might be somewhat of a first? I could be way off but in my limited searching around i can't seem to find anything similar.

    The $4.1m purchase price seems steep for a company that isn't generating any meaningful revenue but surely it has nothing to do with buying their revenue or customers. It's all about preparing Rezchain from its current form, i,e. and in house developed cost saving solution to a ready for market revenue generating product. According to Web, Hydra is significant in transforming Rez into that product, because the private Ethereum chain was limiting in some fashion?? How exactly Hydra is any different is a complete mystery to me???? I guess, if the purchase of know how, Web OTA integration (which apparently seems simple)

    I personally don't see any benefit in public blockchains, which if i understand correctly by moving to Hydra (public Hydra versus private Ethereum), Rezchain will be subject to the vagaries of speculation and transactional energy cost (and transaction time) fluctuations. The speculative volatility that drives mining resources, turns what should be a stable low energy process into a very inconsistent and wasteful one. Surely private blockchains are the only stable way for sustainable use cases?? I know that completely goes against the philosophy of the distributed ledger but I don't see any other way around it. Additionally the concentration of miners towards companies located in Mongolia is eroding the philosophical pillar of distributed verification by the day anyway.

    I'm probably totally missing some critical point. Any crypto experts want to take a shot and shed some light?
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