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Ann: JOINTV: LIC: LIC forms strategic partnership with SCR

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    • Release Date: 10/02/15 13:15
    • Summary: JOINTV: LIC: LIC forms strategic partnership with SCR
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    10/02/2015 13:15
    REL: 1315 HRS Livestock Improvement Corporation Limited (NS)
    JOINTV: LIC: LIC forms strategic partnership with SCR
    10 February 2015
    Market statement
    LIC forms strategic partnership with SCR world-leading cow intelligence
    Farmer-owned co-operative LIC (NZX:LIC) has secured a new strategic
    partnership with the world-leading cow monitoring and milking intelligence
    solutions company, SCR.
    The partnership includes a distribution agreement whereby SCR, recently
    acquired by Allflex Group, will distribute the co-op's DAL milking sensors
    internationally and LIC will become a New Zealand distributor for SCR's cow
    reproduction and health monitoring system, Heatime.
    LIC chief executive Wayne McNee says the partnership is part of the co-op's
    strategy to grow the business overseas and provide New Zealand dairy farmers
    with more choice.
    "SCR is a world-leading provider of cow intelligence systems with a strong
    history of delivering solutions to improve farm efficiency worldwide. This
    agreement aligns with our vision to improve the prosperity and productivity
    of our farmers, and our focus on key international markets that will add
    value for shareholders in New Zealand.
    "DAL sensors are highly regarded here in New Zealand for their unique ability
    to measure a range of factors (milk volume, fat, protein, lactose, and
    somatic cell counts) while a cow is being milked. This partnership confirms
    the global demand for the value the sensors deliver on-farm, and ability to
    meet the needs of farmers worldwide.
    "The SCR Heatime system will be a valuable addition to our range of herd
    improvement and animal management solutions here in New Zealand," McNee said.
    LIC and SCR have identified four initial markets for distribution of the DAL
    meters, with the potential to add more in the future. SCR's Heatime will be
    available to all New Zealand dairy farmers from LIC, with its Protrack(TM)
    farm automation systems.
    Heatime collects and analyses critical data points, from activity to
    rumination, on every individual cow, delivering the heat, health and
    nutrition insight to improve accuracy and drive overall farm efficiency.
    Shane McManaway, general manager Allflex Australasia said it is exciting news
    for NZ dairy farmers.
    "When three of the world's leaders in their respective fields join forces it
    provides synergies and opportunities not seen before. Allflex is very excited
    to be partnering with LIC."
    Yariv Avisar, chief executive SCR says the partnership will support growth in
    both global businesses.
    "It is our vision to secure dairy farming's future by monitoring every cow.
    We are delighted to work with LIC and their New Zealand farmers, to support
    the future growth of their farming industry and expand our range of
    Ashleigh Sattler
    LIC Senior Communications Advisor
    [email protected]
    +64 27 617 1942
    Andrew Dickmann
    General Manager SCR Dairy Australia & New Zealand
    [email protected]
    +61 428 967 654
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