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Hi Asculpeous and all, Let's compare WAF and BBX in 6 months. I...

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    Hi Asculpeous and all,

    Let's compare WAF and BBX in 6 months. I have placed my bet.

    WAF is not a stock I watch at all; however, as you say we can monitor it here as there appears to be some cross interest. For the record as I see it today:

    06/01/18 WAF $0.25 06/01/18 BBX$0.175

    BKW is another stock you mention I know little of; however, it’s recent move from December 2017 from $1.06 to today’s price of $0.19 would appear somewhat disappointing for the holders. I see our mate held the share at least back on 16/08/18 @ $0.82 one can only wonder if this is one of the reasons, we have heard so little from the guru legend in his own mind for some time on these threads.

    Being one to ask so many in-depth questions and requiring the answers for his research and due diligence before entering a stock it’s very surprising to see how one could get this so wrong.

    Of course, this could be off topic for BBX; however, with respect I hope it assists other actual and potential shareholders of how they should value the advice of others particularly those that appear to set themselves up all knowing gurus on a particular company and its type of chemistry etc. of a resource.

    Hopefully; the new government changes in Brazil will help BBX overall and we will soon hear news on the trial mining licence.

    Cheers and very best regards: Andy
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