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I believe we are already a buy out target,,, do I think this...

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    I believe we are already a buy out target,,, do I think this Management Team have the commercialisation skill set to bring to Market , NO,,, but at this stage I'm invested in Science and the team on the Science side of the ledger, sure they are slow,, but that's also thorough and methodical.
    Did management hash the CR Yes, they should have struck straight after the consolidation and been prepared, we would have received the same investment sum but at a higher SP so less dilution..
    Is the Marketing and PR material improving yes,, you only have to look at material from 12 months ago,,
    On occasion I have emailed Kathy and she has responded swiftly answering questions as she is able in the tightly regulated boundaries of disclosure.
    personally enjoyed the banter for the first year but now on all sides it has run thin..
    Several times I have started a positive thread, but they always get trounced ,,,, I monitor 20 companies daily ,,, DXB is by far the most negative.... and it is a regret each day when reading the forums that I come to DXB......
    The company is now engaged in two Phase II Trials,, that has not occurred in the companys history,, many new investors would read this forum and what greets them a wall a year deep in crap,,,, 90% not even about the company ,, for those that wish to continue could i suggest you get a face book page, twitter or another form of social media to bait each other on...
    I would like to give my investment in DXB the very best shot odf success and support the company ,,even with constructive criticism.....
    Go Team DXB,,, today is a new day,,,
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