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    Can someone please explain why 7 pages of historic events were included at the start? I really don't care whether you are black, pink, yellow, red or quite frankly green with pink spots.

    Geoffrey Blainey recently wrote: “The essence ofstudying history is that, as best we can, we try towear the shoes and put on the spectacles wornby people of the past. We try to see the obstaclesand dilemmas they struggled against or evaded.We also hope that the future will try to understandwhy we made blunders, and learn from failures andachievements of our era.” 12 This definition, foundedon humility and understanding, is a reminder thathistories such as that presented here, can betterinform our future conduct.

    What? Can we just concentrate on subject at hand? Am I missing something? or is this just virtue signaling gone mad?

    As a firm believer that covid19 in the US is out of control and that 99% of the death will be with the over 45s and therefore money will flow from the savers/pensioners (over 45) to the spenders (ie the people under 45) interest rates will be going up. up and up.

    Does RFF have a plan for high interest rates in the unlike event that I am right?

    Low interest rates: Lower interest rates have twobenefits. Firstly, they result in lower borrowingcosts for prospective purchasers. Secondly,they can result in returns on other asset classesbeing less attractive. For example, in the US andCanada (large investors in Australian agriculturalproperty as noted above) long-term bond ratesare below 1.5%.

    Apparently not. It's all unicorns and rainbows.

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