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    • "if you buy units in the SMSF Leaders Fund (ASX:SELF) through SelfWealth's share trading platform, you can enjoy zero brokerage fees"

    I didn't realise that, and it sounds nice. I wonder if they'll promote this within the platform.

    No brokerage is a nice incentive, especially for people wanting to invest <$2000. (Hopefully they still charge brokerage to sell it, to discourage frequent buying and then selling.)

    It helps the customer, and doesn't hurt SWF, since they'll be making management fees on it anyway (if just $1000 invested, and $5 cost of providing the brokerage, then 1 year break even from their management fees. $2000 invested, then 6 months.).

    I'd consider that to be a good strategy, to encourage a bit more investment into the ETF, and to encourage more word of mouth.

    Often on AusFinance Reddit, people ask "I have $1000. What should I buy." and people respond something like "save $2000+, then buy". Now they could say "Save $2000+, or just buy SELF on SWF platform".

    • "If all goes well, SelfWealth CEO Andrew Ward said it expects to release funds with similar investment models in the United States."

    I also didn't realise that. I think they don't have a partnership for data for the US, so that might be years away.

    • "Although SelfWealth currently only allows trading of Australian listed stocks, there are plans to feature international trading by early next year."

    Jan-Mar? With Dec Quarter being seasonally weak, March Quarter is the one to look out for. If they keep to that schedule, then it sounds good. It should be low-cost incremental revenue (little cost in providing those additional trades).
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