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Thanks Hawks, I can see it on my feed, but I am no tech expert...

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    Thanks Hawks, I can see it on my feed, but I am no tech expert so I can't explain why I am having trouble to post for others to see.  Below is the crux of it, sorry to keep everyone in suspense (I know how frustrated people on this forum get with delays)... It isn't as effective as the egg graphic (did I mention I love the egg graphic?), but I am sure most will get the gist:

     (What ECT) Cannot Influence or control
    •NMDCboard meeting timing
    •Politics(indiaor Australia)
    •NMDCand NLC delays
    •Peopletrying to derail/ramp discussions around ECT on HC
    •Otherexternal factors

    (Things ECT can potentially) Influence

    •Partnersunderstanding of criticality of project to ECT
    •Partnerscommunication relating to ECT
    •Otherpotential clients perceptions of ECT technology
    •Governmentperception of technology
    •Shareholderperception of ECT

    (Things ECT Can) Control
    •Decisionsmade within company based on information at hand
    •Engagementwith stakeholders
    •Seekingpathways with government (to develop technology)
    •Pursuingpotential clients and other paths of revenue
    •Communicationof delays to market, and integrity around this•Wordingof announcements

    Surely not rocket science, but in line with @Chaya's post I quoted, some people " tend to invariably over-react to stressful situations" and keeping line of sight of things like the above (I will put in the disclaimer there is probably a bit of overlap in some items above and where they sit, it is more of a guide than a fixed view on any individual element within it) might help taper the emotions for some individuals.

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