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Hi IB, happy to respond, for what it is worth:-"you say you like...

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    Hi IB, happy to respond, for what it is worth:
    -"you say you like Chaya's way of thinking" 
    • yes I do like the calm rational approach he took in the post that I quoted, I do find it helps to have a rational mind in order to feed sound business decisions.  I can see there were a number of other users who also enjoyed the insight, some of those HC users who I recognized, while others who I am not as familiar with
    • liking someone's way of thinking does not mean to agree with every single thing they say, but more the process in which they might use to come to their conclusions... that being said I do sometimes agree with Chaya's opinions (and you will even see me sometimes indicate this by liking such posts)

    -"have you noted he will not name the posters he basically accuses of being liars. blatantly stating we do not hold when we say we do"
    • you must be referring to a specific post or other posts I did not quote, as I do not see where he has called anyone liars in the post I quoted
    • if you are to @Chaya post that quoted scatterpult's (post 37188331) I believe your friend's friend blind Freddie can see that Chaya was in part referring to that very person who clearly states they do not hold
    • if there are other posts you are referring to where anyone has accused people of being liars, sounds like they may be posts that might against the TOUs you may want to handle in some other way rather than asking me about them
    • Even though my post was not about Chaya's post I think you are referring to, and since you seemed to have asked, I do note that I do share the same wonder on why someone who doesn't hold a stock places so much energy and time into worrying about that very stock
    • I thought I had included a graphic in my post that you quoted, which was more in line with Chaya's way of thinking, however it might help users described in the point above (hopefully it will work at the bottom of this post)
    -"So you stalktock think that calling posters liars with no proof is rational"
    • you have made are argument that has come to a conclusion based on a fallacy.  As such I cannot address what you say I think as I have never thought or stated that, nor do I agree with your conclusion.  I struggle to articulate my point sometimes, but given I made a mistake thinking I was posting a graphic and had not, I am happy to consider I may have not been clear in my point (although in this instance I think even Deaf Annie would have understood what I was trying to say)
    The graphic I meant to post is (hopefully) below and references ECT's Circle... just my opinion on it being a tool that might help some that risk getting carried away without placing things in perspective, but it is a very elementary tool (some might even say a teacher might use to teach their eager students) that even non-holders might use to understand what is in their control that they may want to stress about, and what other things they may want to let go.  Plus, it is shaped like an egg (!):

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