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Hmm, interesting concept Prosper, I never thought to correlate...

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    Hmm, interesting concept Prosper, I never thought to correlate length of time to sign a contract with outcomes following signing.  Negotiations and signings often involve time manipulation to drive specific results in the negotiation (although I don't think manipulation of time is happening in this situation, but timing is of course the issue being brought up here), but once deals are signed the dynamics around milestone achievement can often be completely different to those leading up to any agreement being signed.

    I see four main possibilities around what may happen with construction if this deal is ever signed:

    1. Construction may never start
    2. Construction starts and is achieved prior to the scheduled completion date
    3. Construction starts and is achieved right on schedule
    4. Construction starts and is completed after the scheduled completion date (what you are alluding to may happen)

    The way I see it, all of the above are plausible, but I can think of a number of projects off the top of my head that were stalled due to final sign-offs not being achieved, yet once signed being completed on budget and on time (similar to scenarios 2 or 3 above).  I can also think of a number of projects that fly through signing processes, but then go way over budget and over schedule (as an example to scenario 4 above).  Either way I think it is worth considering that pre-signing achievements and delays are not directly correlated to post-signing success or failure. Is there a Deaf Annie or an equivalent that might be able to hear some sense in this?

    Look forward to the responses as per usual... as long as they are in line with HC TOCs of course (this does not discourage constructive points just in case there was any doubt)

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