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I am fine that you hold the opinion that you do, except for...

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    I am fine that you hold the opinion that you do, except for your misrepresentation of my approach.  I am happy for you to indicate where I have said negativity is not allowed, but I don’t think you will be able to. I have never tried to drive out or “keep the negativity tucked away”, and I know from seeing the support of many from all sides of opinions that there are many who appreciate the approach.  I have supported holding management to account, and even tried to actively engage on HC with the company and generate opportunities for more positive outcomes (which doesn’t exclude by any means talking about the negative aspects of our current situation, but instead encourages talking about the “elephant in the room” so to speak).

    I do think what you are confusing driving out negativity with is actually really referencing my points around the simple re-iteration of the HC TOCs and guidelines which everyone must agree to when they sign in, and once again when they post.  I am fine for people to openly and freely bring up any topic and opinion (negative or positive) they like on this forum, what I am tired of is those that do not have the capacity to do so within the very rules that they explicitly agree to every time they post.  Many have already indicated they feel the same.  Bit rich for people to throw around the accountability stick about the company, if they cannot even make an honest effort to follow simple rules.

    I cannot agree with every point that you make, and this is too bad if it does not suit whatever agenda you might be trying to drive. I daresay that you not being happy with this is very much making you guilty of what you are accusing others of. 

    Relating to the current situation, I believe there is a lot around influence and control fundamentals... while I would love to believe the company could influence a lot of what is happening at the moment,  I believe that would truly be arrogant, and in reality all they can really do is communicate the information around the India situation.  As for control, when we are dealing with complex technology in a complex culture with multiple partners... there is very little that can be controlled at the moment by any one party.  Pursuing other options is of course in ECT control, as some have pointed out already, and I have already provided commentary on this in the past.

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