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Hi Whiddon, Hard to strip the risk of tone being ill-directed...

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    Hi Whiddon,
    Hard to strip the risk of tone being ill-directed here, but please take this as a means to discuss around this, not attack. 

    People who converted their A's (and B's) up to now have also had their value of money impacted since conversion.  Some of those who fronted up, put their support into the company prior to July 31st last year and paid to convert their shares did so knowing the full risk of this dragging on, and the share price dropping to similar low levels.  That money had to come from somewhere.  Contributing to the company cash flows would have been part of their reason (for some) to convert and improve the balance sheet.  Some paid more than the market value at the time (with conversion of the B's exercisable at 1.5) which surely would have been in consideration of supporting the company over themselves, and demonstrating their faith for the long-term.

    Not confrontational, but where did we get to discounts and incentives being the only option to fulfill the bond?  The thread SP3 started last week has a number of options thrown up by posters.

    Or... maybe ECT already has  solution that doesn't involve discounts and incentives, if they do, ELF holders will need to accept that they don't get what would be a highly unconventional method to raise money at the risk of sending a poor message to other strong supporters of the company (and yes, ELF and non-ELF shareholders are all supporters in one way or another.

    I would convert at 0.9 now if I had ELF participation.
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