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Ref My post Well...

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    Ref My post
    Well did i ever get that wrong

    Although even after speaking with management and accepting the explanation i was given
    i did leave the call agreeing to disagree that the 2 Ann were misleading to read side by side

    So onto my questions

    Did ECT incorrectly advise the market on the 7/12/18
    answer NO

    Was the RCA Amended
    answer NO

    I put my thoughts forward had ect pushed NMDC into a position had a slap on the wrist
    for not having their finances in place and in doing so had the RCA frozen until they could comply
    Answer NO

    Wasn't doing very good was I


    FREEZING THE RCA had nothing to do with us not meeting our obligations

    What it did mean however was

    To protect all parties from any further changes to the RCA between now and the signing of the agreement, the BIG FREEZE was applied

    Well that has to be a positive ( but i couldn't have figured that out without the call i looked on it as a negative )

    Also the difference i picked up between the two Ann

    ref the project bond being finalised after the signing of the RCA is also correct , i was informed ECT were being PRO ACTIVE in organising their requirements early hence the contradictory statement
    ( contradictory to me anyway ) of inclusive of the project bond before the signing

    so as not to jeopardise i presume the financial close date of March the 31st

    That part was really confusing im afraid and i will not be convinced otherwise

    One thing i didn't ask which i meant to, i was driving whilst in conversation and got hung up on the two announcements


    Did NMDC actually give their approval there were words like directors satisfaction, paving the way forward, the outcome of NMDCs board meeting is positive in that it takes us in the right direction

    But there was no

    We are pleased to Ann NMDC has approved the RCA as we got with NLC ?

    So If the RCA has been Frozen Finance does not have to be in place until Financial close what is there left to discuss to get NMDCs approval its the RCA they were supposed to be approving and thats been put to bed, I dont understand or do we have it (approval) ?

    Ok moving on touching on the ELF incentives,

    From another perspective, as many here know i have been here a while now, i had my options from the previous issue, paid for them to be extended into the last issue,

    prior to expiry i converted a number, and also submitted a number into the ELF,

    i think Chin4 touched on the top 40 i am in there somewhere and like Chins family i to have only ever purchased ECT shares i have never sold a single share ( some may say more fool me lol )

    With regards to supporting this next incentive

    Originally i opted to pay my interest upfront after paying my first instalment things changed for me and i had to revert to capitalising the interest, this was due to me losing my livelihood as a contractor, with a Govt Dpt, after 25yrs due to a changing of the guard and policy ( eggs in one basket so to speak)

    trying to re-establish in the private sector is tough in this present environment as most will know, so unfortunately no matter how enticing this ELF offer may look, i will not be able to participate, although im sure down the track i will be able at some stage to redeem my shares locked away,

    Im down not out LOL

    like i said different perspective

    I posted recently after talking with management, it was down to shareholder misinterpretation and so it was,
    i personally totally missed the message, but i suppose i have to ask myself is that because i am stupid or just the fact that these Announcement are just not that clear

    I believe personally this is a major stumbling block of ECTs how many times do we get announcements followed by announcements clarifying the announcement

    How many times do we get Announcements and this forum lights up with what does this mean what does that mean wheres the ECT REP

    The company call for us, to call in and get clarification on things we may not be clear on, which is fine, but i think the point the company are missing is that these Announcements are not just for share holder benefit,

    Every time an Ann goes out it goes out to Market this is the golden opportunity to court new investment @ market under asx ruling of course.

    If the message is a clear well written positive then i am sure the market will react

    On finishing my conversation i did apologies for going on and indicated i want this Company to succeed as much as the next man and that they obviously do not have to listen to my rantings

    But they should at least listen to the market

    This message should have been a POSITIVE @ MARKET from what i have learnt,

    we are now so close

    Yet look at the market reaction WHY SO FLAT ( it was viewed as a fail )

    This has happened to many times now we have to improve

    The above is all IMHO DYOR

    GL to all
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