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Hi Bundy and allAn intelligent question! Just goes to show what...

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    Hi Bundy and all

    An intelligent question! Just goes to show what a good rum can do for you...

    It would be strange and remiss for Imugene to only patent Her-Vaxx now. However in fact they already held a similar patent in the USA, announced over 5 years ago on 8 October 14. You can read the Announcement here:

    Like today's announcement, this was also for "method of composition and method of use."

    My reading of this: the "method of composition" has certainly changed since 2014. The current formulation of Her-Vaxx is far more potent than the 2014 version. They have also refined the method of use, through the Phase 1b trial and now the Phase 2 in progress.

    This allowed them to submit a new Patent. Why would you do that?

    1. To make sure you really are covered (new formulation method)
    2. And I think this is by far the bigger one: By taking out a new Patent they get their IP protection extended by an extra 5 years and 3 months!

    The 2018 Patent gave protection until 2030. The new Patent gives them exclusive use of Her-Vaxx through to 2036.

    That's an extra 6 years of revenue for Imugene and for any Big Pharma outfit who enters into a deal with Imugene. It is potentially worth billions of extra dollars and it makes Her-Vaxx a far more attractive proposition.

    Why are they doing this now, and not later still? I read this as strong evidence that they are actively negotiating potential deals. Extending the Patent is all about maximising the deal value.

    Step 1. Extend the Patent Protection. Done!
    Step 2. Good news from the Phase 2 Trial. We could be getting interim results fairly soon.....

    Well - that's my personal opinion. The impact on today's SP is all very nice, but for me the real value is what it adds to the "saleability" of Her-Vaxx.

    Best wishes to all for 2020. It's looking good to me.



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