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I feel this announcement by Renovoxhas gone under the radar....

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    I feel this announcement by Renovoxhas gone under the radar. Imugene further validates the TAMP platform in pancreaticcancer. I’d assume by “validating” the platform they are seeing some positivesignals or responses in pre clinical trialing.

    Judging by the latest posts of renovoI’m guessing we will see this preclinical data very shortly.

    Imugene is already seeing responsesthrough IV arm of the MaST trial with cancers within the stomach region, theTAMP platform allows for an even more direct delivery method to these cancerscancers ie pancreatic. The current market for pancreatic cancer is estimated tobe worth $2.5bn USD a year in 2023 ($3.86bn AUD) and expected to hit by $7.91bnby 2032 ($12.4bn AUD)

    It would seem that with so manyshots on goal in the solid tumour space Imugene only needs to be successful atone to add another $1 to the share price.

    Combining TAMPs extreme safetyprofile along with the lack of observed DLTs of CF33 and we could well haveanother form of hard to treat cancer ticked off the list. Along with thisefficacy the delivery system is able to enhance the therapeutic window which weknow is already growing within the mast trial. If successful I wonder if wewill see another 10 person expansion…..

    Interesting looking into the Renovo,it appears that they only have $3.2m left in cash and a cash burn rate of$1.6m/quarter. I know Imugene have said that they aren’t looking to acquireanymore tech but i wonder if it could be some good tech to add to the arsenalif it proven effective with CF33???

    Below is a response I had from NickEde regarding the technology and it’s current position, he sounds quiet excitedand optimistic about there ability to treat pancreatic cancer.

    Hi xxxxxx,

    Thanks for the email andsupport. We are excited about our RenovoRx collaboration.

    Currently we are still inpreclinical studies delivering CF33 to pancreatic tumours in preclinical modelsusing the RenovoRx device of this insidious form of cancer. Pancreaticcancers are very hard to treat since they are poorly vascularized and henceit’s difficult to deliver drugs intravenously. The RenovoRx stent cangreatly increase the local concentration of CF33 to the tumour where CF33 canthen infect and lyse the pancreatic cancer cells. We already know thatCF33 is particularly active against pancreatic cancer cell lines, hence ourenthusiasm for this collaboration.

    Best regards,


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