NZS 0.00% 65.0¢ nz farming systems uruguay limited

Ann: HALT: NZS: NZS Halted

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    29/11/2012 11:27
    REL: 1127 HRS NZ Farming Systems Uruguay Limited
    HALT: NZS: NZS Halted
    To    :  Market Participants
    From   :  NZX Client and Market Services
    Date   :  29 November 2012
    Subject  :  NZ Farming Systems Uruguay Limited ("NZS")
    Message :
    On Monday, 26 November 2012 Olam International Limited sent a compulsory
    acquisition notice to the outstanding shareholders of NZ Farming Systems
    Uruguay Limited (NZS).
    Pursuant to footnote 4 of Listing Rule 5.4.1, NZX Regulation ("NZXR") advises
    that the last day of trading will be Monday, 3 December. Trading in NZS
    Ordinary Shares will be halted from Close of Business on this day.
    End CA:00230410 For:NZS    Type:HALT       Time:2012-11-29 11:27:07
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