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Ann: HALFYR: GFF: Appendix 4D and Half Year Report

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    • Release Date: 11/02/15 11:17
    • Summary: HALFYR: GFF: Appendix 4D and Half Year Report
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    11/02/2015 11:17
    REL: 1117 HRS Goodman Fielder Limited
    HALFYR: GFF: Appendix 4D and Half Year Report
    I attach the following documents in relation to the half year ended 31
    December 2014:
    - Appendix 4D - Half Year Report;
    - Commentary on results for the period (ASX/NZX Announcement); and
    - Half Year Financial Report, including the Directors' Report, Financial
    Report and Independent Auditor's Review Report.
    The attached documents comprise the half year results information required by
    ASX Listing Rule 4.2A and NZX Main Board Listing Rule 10.3.2. The information
    should be read in conjunction with the Goodman Fielder Limited 2014 Annual
    The analyst briefing in connection with the half year results will follow
    The attached information will be posted to Goodman Fielder's website once
    released to the market.
    Sara Goldstein
    Company Secretary
    End CA:00260503 For:GFF    Type:HALFYR     Time:2015-02-11 11:17:20
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