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Moderator - All of the comments below are just my opinions. And...

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    Moderator - All of the comments below are just my opinions.  And with Sigalla in the slammer, I’m less likely than before to have defamatory accusations slung at me for this post, than before!

    Ten years ago TZ had the opportunity to position itself at the forefront of the Internet of Things revolution.  It has since squandered that opportunity and become just a "me-too" electronic locking system supplier in a crowded, commoditized market.  (If you want to find out about IoT, google it or EMAIL me.)

    With the embezzlement and additional gross wastage of money by Sigalla, and a host of others with their noses in the trough one way or another, funds were never available to properly support TZ's technology development.
    Capital raised for the purpose of technology development was repeatedly stolen, wasted or diverted.
    Technology was viewed as a "necessary evil" to support the spin to the market.  Engineers were viewed as the lowest of life forms, and their opinions never taken seriously.

    IMO in the post-Sigalla era, the board and CEO/COO/shadow CEO/COO have measured their career success by how much money they can put in own pockets - not by how much money that they make for investors & shareholders.  Hopefully they will some day retire satisfied with their career achievements.

    This is simply the way it is with penny-dreadful listed companies.  If you don’t like this reality, don't invest in them.

    What would be needed to turn the company around?

    1. Dump all of the parasites
    2. Accept the $200M bath of squandered capital and write it off forever
    3. Raise SERIOUS capital ($30M to $50M) to invest in R&D, actually spend it on R&D, and get TZ’s leading edge technology mojo back
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