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Mate, I think you're exhausting yourself now. The Everest and...

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    I think you're exhausting yourself now. The Everest and the Caulfield cup have been run and won but there's a few on these threads that are flogging dead ponies. You're spending too much time here as is the other prolific poster. I note another individual (A4) has been plying his trade commenting on Douugh (DOU) in the customary manner following their meteoric rise this week. Apart from a couple of acidic comments, it's received short shrift.

    Do yourself a favour and focus on the Court proceedings because that's where it's at. Try not to put too much stock in the SOR. From a forensic point of view, it is like a damp squib but, thankfully, ASX published it high, wide, and handsome (defending a Court order being sought to stop them in the process) and it solidly underpins the 'false or misleading' statutory action. For that I'm grateful because that doesn't involve an exercise of discretion, absolute or otherwise. You simple prove the elements of the relevant section. Prove that, you win the case and once those statements in that document are shown to be false or misleading, then the exercise of the discretion to suspend can be nothing but unreasonable and unjust on any view. That takes care of the suspension aspect, initial and ongoing. It's like lining ducks up on a pond. Get the damages in order (which HWL will be doing) and off we go.

    I agree, it would be helpful for GT to hand everything over but, come on, if there was anything in this, it would've surfaced by now. I would like the BDO to have the lot so that ISX can stride into the hearing with hands as clean as the driven snow. If they don't then it's not going to torpedo their case.

    And I wouldn't worry about delay. This Judge is not going to let this case derail. Her Honour is fully aware of the duty that she is charged with as far as the overriding principles of the Federal Court Rules are concerned. The last SOC was not opposed and was by consent. It may have to be further amended for completeness as the preparatory stages advance but it's not going to go beyond the limits of what actions are pleaded otherwise ASX will be jumping up and down like banshees. That's not to say that the damages won't be amended but that can be dealt with by way of a schedule handed up at the Hearing. Obviously, whatever gets handed up is only a good as the evidence that is adduced to support it, but even 10% of 500 bars is a lot of coin.

    Take the night off champ.


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