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@Stringking Everything aside...Including grammer.:) You really...

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    Everything aside...Including grammer.

    You really do need to ask yourself like everyone..What am I expecting from my investment?

    The company didn't become a family managed & majority controlled company overnight...We know who the majority shareholders are..We know who the directors are when deciding to invest.

    If your expecting management to change than great..But in all sincerity what do you believe the actual chances are of that happening? I can tell you Hot Copper is not going to deliver you the results you & many so desire.

    Is there a plausible plan with a means to an end or is it just venting only fit for reading material on Hot Copper?

    If this is the case & there is no realistic prospects of a change in management..Again you have to question your energy in that regard.

    Most understand in the speculative end of the markets your buying the fixer upper..Lots of maybes attached with it.

    The half yearly report should not have come as a massive suprise to all..Positive or negative sentiment.

    The company has a well documented history of high expenditures vs actual revenue.

    The only real potential to make inroads on cash out this half yearly report was the companies hemp division..I wasn't expecting huge things only 18 months into harvesting...But everyone's expectations are different.

    The half yearly was not great reading material..Totally agree but have they ever been? I know they haven't..Again everyone knows they haven't...I invested on the slim chance the company at a point will be able to turn these quarterly reports around either via hemp or mm...It's two new markets..It's a roughy but you except the risks as an investor or trader.

    Perhaps at some point they will turn things around? Perhaps they won't..In a nutshell.

    I've never said CGB is the best thing since sliced bread..Notice my sentiment for a very long time at the bottom of each post.

    I've said it's high risk..Have your own indicators..Watch the development's as they come..Should harvests be experiencing these difficulties at this stage of the game etc? Have the farmers had long enough at it?

    If you read my posts it's always been for the better part about asking..Is the company moving forward under reasonable expectations? I did say if I don't feel the company is progressing under reasonable expectations than I would absolutely reconsider my investment.

    Will I ever try to drag one of my investments through the mud on a public forum? No if that's what your asking of me?

    It's not in the interest of anyone frankly..Good objectivity is great, the occasional criticism if warranted, fine...But don't ask my to drag what I already know is a high risk & speculative stock through the mud..When I feel the need to do that is the time I'll sell & move on respectfully.

    I'm not a holder of rfx but if you would like to know what I believe is a respectful way to contribute to a forum as a non shareholder please feel free to read..My hope is they actually are not aware of my exact sentiment but can still enjoy the content.

    Anyway...Swords down..It's Sunday..Enjoy your weekend everyone.
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